Welcome to my Thank You page 

This page is just a thankyou to all the people that have helped my journey through life and music, sorry if I miss you off of here its work in progress, please remind me if I forget to put you on here!

Thankyou to Tommy Cha for all you help and support all the years, it would have been impossible for me to do some of the things ive achieved with out your help!

Thankyou to Mike Castellano from EHX for believing in me with your fantastic products!

Thankyou to Julian Helleby for spending time helping me with my playing and continuing to support me after leaving University

Thankyou to Tim and Ben for being inspirational mates, and for your amazing generousity over the years your top chaps!

Thankyou to Andrew and Liz for all the work over the last 20 or so years, you have kept me going! 

Thankyou to Phil Dudderidge from Focusrite for being so generous!

Thankyou to J holmes for giving me the chance to work at your music shop at the age of 10 for 5 years, I learned and met some of the best uk organ players in the business, I made lots of cups of coffee too! 

Thankyou to Frank and Alison Martin for your generosity over the years!

Thankyou for all the guys in the shop that helped me with stuff and inspired me too, In particular Matt Tucker, Terry Sutton Murray, Mike Oxenham, Ray Stenier, Joe From Poland, Alan Holmes, Penny Weedon Jones, Athur Saunders and Lynne Rose, this was a really special time in my life thank you!

 Thankyou to Bruno and matti and luca for all the great times in Italy and the Barga Jazz festial!

Thankyou to Andy Horell and J Roberts for always being able to help me fix my instruments!

Thankyou to Dave Steel for being a great mate over the years and fixing my piano!

Thankyou to all the musicians that have shared all there info with me all over the years and helped me get some of my ideas out, you know who you are! 


Thankyou to Coventry University for giving me the chance to attend Berklee in Glasgow it was a fantastic experience!


Thankyou to Trevor and Darren at MusicWorld for beliving in me to work for the short time that I did with you, a great experience!