My current organ

Keyb legend Live

Ive been with this company for years now, Ive used the previous range before it went to viscount and now use the lastest version

organ used for the recording pedalboy fm

Hammond B3

This was my pro rig from 2005, it was from the hammond store in germany, we drove over to pick it up, when I got it we heavily modified it, I used it with a 122 leslie and pre amp

Nord c2 d

used this for many years

Another organ that I used and liked was the C2D I used this for many videos and recordings, I found it always sounded better with a preamp as I like some bite in the sound

organ used for warm ghosts jon dalton

Hammond xk3 system

I had this shipped over from Chicago when it first came out, what a great organ, I used this for many years and recordings with the 145 leslie and Preamp