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"FUNKY FEET" (2020) Album Review by Jason Rebello, master musician

"John-Paul Gard has produced a joyous, funky, dancey, bluesy, soulful jazz organ album with some great playing, fab production and tasty arrangements...enjoy"

"TWENTY20" Album Review by Tony Pegler, legendary organ player and musician
" This is an album that you’ll put on continuous repeat for a couple of days and still find a few musical surprises"
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sample track from twenty20 solo live album

2020 album releases

"ORGAN SQUAD VOL 1" (2020) Album Review by Keith Evans, fabulous organist,  musician and head of Panasonic

"His great  arrangements from the titles of the great American song book is quite simply, sublime!"

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tribute to chick

great gig at the brecon jazz club 2021

Shery Bailey UK Tour Gig 2019

becki biggins new ablum

great video of the band equinox with steve mathers

keyb legend exp organ download tutioral

finger boards at there best

some live videos